Faith Chapel Camp Assistance Process

We believe that camp creates life-change. Because of that, we want to do everything we can to remove obstacles for kids and students to go to camp. The Camp Assistance Fund is made possible through the generosity of people who are partnering with Faith Chapel. In order to ensure funds are being used for those with the greatest need, we request that you complete this form. Funds are limited, but we want to do our best to serve you and help make camp a possibility and not a hardship.

  • The primary purpose of camp assistance is to help send students to camp who otherwise would not be able to go because of financial needs.
  • Requests for assistance will be reviewed once a week by the Kids and Student Ministries Departments. A decision on your request will be made at that time and you will then be notified.
  • Camp assistance is a gift, not a loan, and is made possible through the giving of others.
  • If you are approved for assistance, the assistance must be used within two weeks. If it is not used within that time, you must re-apply.
  • A potential recipient is expected to approach family members for financial help before he/she will be considered for assistance.
  • Financial assistance applications must be submitted by the Financial Assistance Deadline for each camp. Please keep in mind that space is limited. If camps fill up before the Financial Assistance Deadlines, the application questions will be removed for that age group.

Financial Assistance Deadlines:
Junior High Camps - May 20
Kids Camps - June 10
High School Camps - June 24