Jesus in Everything

Jesus, thank you for another good year! Thank you for working through a group of ordinary people and doing extraordinary things. Lord, we are grateful! 

Faith Chapel, thank you! Your kindness, generosity and partnership impacted so many lives in 2023. 

Together. This is the word that comes to my mind as I reflect on 2023. The pages that follow will highlight some of what happened in and through Faith Chapel. As you read, please remember that word—together. 

As we served together, sacrificially gave together, and loved our community and the world together, extraordinary things happened. Lives were changed in eternal ways. Many experienced the love of Jesus for the first time, were baptized, attended a camp, families were healed, the hungry were fed, and the Good News was proclaimed. Jennie and I are constantly humbled and grateful to be part of such an amazing community of people. Thank you! 

Nate & Jennie

Growing People Change

We are a church that believes it’s okay to not be okay. God loves us as we are, and still leads us to places of healing, health, and authenticity. Through Care Groups, people are finding wholeness and freedom as they take their next step.

A huge step in that journey is the decision to be baptized. In 2023, there were 354 people of different ages and stages of life who publicly declared their commitment to follow Jesus by being baptized.

People in Care Groups

Saved People Serve People

We exist for the world. The church doesn’t exist for us to consume; it exists to be a place of contribution and community. Through weekly serve opportunities and partnerships through local and global organizations, we were the hands, feet, and mouthpiece of Jesus to those inside the walls of the church and around the world.

People on Teams Serving Together

Found People Find People

We are passionate about people far from God and will never stop caring about those outside the walls of the church. As we consistently sought opportunities to be the hands, feet, and mouthpieces of Jesus, you invited your friends, families, neighbors, and co-workers to see what life in the church is all about—Jesus.

Because you shared and invited, people have a relationship with Jesus now. They’re growing and have an eternal hope because of your voice and your actions.

Christmas In-Person
Christmas Online
Decisions to Follow Jesus
in 2023

Word of advice, follow your heart when you feel that special urge. That is God’s Spirit prompting you—don’t wait like I did.

Kevin Bromenshank

Raised to New Life

“Watching others boldly choose to get baptized in front of their church community just kept speaking to my heart time and time again. I fought the negative thoughts of, ‘You don’t need to. You were sprinkled as a baby, and what about the time you were convinced to get baptized in that dark hot spring? You don’t need to do it again!’ I just never felt right. One wasn’t my choice, and the other, I was talked into doing in a private place. So baptism had been on my mind for several years. It just floors me on how powerful the brain is. It created a battlefield of fear that greatly held me back from such an amazing experience. That day was awesome and I feel completely at peace to have publicly declared that I love Jesus and choose to follow Him. A word of advice: follow your heart when you feel that special urge. That is God’s Spirit prompting you—don’t wait like I did.”

Kevin Bromenshank

Camp on the Boulder

Lives are changed at camp. Summer camps and retreats continue to be one of the most incredible and important things we do all summer. Camp on the Boulder continues to provide a space for people to experience God’s presence and build new relationships. Thank you for partnering with your time, resources, and prayer.

In 2023, you helped created environments at these camps and retreats: Haven, Junior High, High School, Foursquare Missions, Arise, Young Adults, Man Camp, Young Marrieds, Foursquare Pastors Camp, and Story House Small Groups.

Total People at Camp on the Boulder
Total Days at Camp on the Boulder
Camp Volunteers

We Grow Better Together

Community and connection are at the core of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We grow by gathering online and in person, in circles and in rows, through small groups and large events. God is shaping and growing us as we connect, learn, and serve together.

People in Small Groups

God Is Generous So We Are Too

We believe that God set the example for us by giving everything, so we can trust Him with everything. Thank you for continuing to be a reflection of Jesus with your posture of generosity. Your continued partnership and faithfulness have been the catalyst for continued response to needs locally and globally.

People Sent Globally
Hours Given to Local & Global Missions
Dollars Invested in Local & Global Missions Efforts

Extended Reach

Throughout the course of the year, your generosity has helped us provide the ability for people to engage with Faith Chapel literally around the world. We are humbled and excited to see what God will continue to do through the connections that were made in 2023!

Increase Christmas

Increase Christmas continues the mission to increase the meaning of Christmas to those locally and around the world. The gifts you generously gave are changing lives and reflect what Christmas is all about.

Throughout the year, we will be sharing updates on the impact of your gifts!

Total Given in 2023
Total Given Over Last 11 Years

Overall Engagement

Faith Chapel exists to help people follow Jesus, be transformed by Jesus, and be on mission with Jesus. It’s all about making disciples. Throughout 2023, there have been so many who have engaged by being a part of small groups, serving, personal discipleship, and/or giving.

Story House

Construction on the Story House at Camp on the Boulder was completed in April and held its first retreat in May of 2023. Small groups and gatherings followed throughout the year in a place dedicated to growing closer to God and others! Groups experienced firsthand how an extended time away in an affordable, nice, warm space can ignite intimate relationships that can last for decades. Words like “unbelievable,” “relaxing,” “freeing,” and “burden-lifted” describe some of the experiences.

Retreat Weekends
Retreat Attendees

Thank You

for being the hands, feet, and mouthpiece of Jesus! 

We’re excited to see what the Lord has in store for 2024!