Jesus in Everything | A letter from Pastor Nate

If there was one word that would summarize my heart for 2022, it would be grateful.

Grateful to the Lord | Over the past twelve months, we have seen so many miraculous expressions of God within and outside the walls of our church.

  • Our kids and youth are thriving. 
  • Many have experienced healing of their bodies, souls, and spirits.
  • Thousands have taken steps of surrender as disciples (followers) of Jesus. 
  • Hundreds have surrendered to Jesus and been baptized. 
  • We have been able to make a difference locally and internationally. 

Thank you, Jesus, for working in and through us to build your church!

Grateful to each of you | Your time, partnership, and generosity are directly responsible for everything you will read in this 2022 year-end report. Your sacrifice and investment are creating an environment where lives are being changed. As you read through the following pages, my hope is that you think “we” rather than “they”. What I mean is this; you are the church. It’s not what “they” at Faith Chapel get to celebrate but what “we” as the Church that meets at Faith Chapel get to celebrate. Deeply grateful,  

Nate & Jennie

Growing People Change 

We are a church that believes God loves us as we are, yet His love is moving us toward healing, authenticity, and wholeness.

Baptism is one of the most important steps you can take in your walk with God. In 2022, there were 221 people of different ages and stages of life who publicly declared their commitment to follow Jesus by being baptized. Through Care Groups, people are finding healing, wholeness, and freedom as they take their next step.

Baptisms in 2022
People in Care Groups

New in '22

Red Lodge

A new community was established in Red Lodge, MT and has continued to gather to be the hands, feet, and mouthpiece of Jesus to their community.


Camp on the Boulder hosted 132 people from around the country, representing at least 16 different tribes, for a unique time of worship, equipping, and training for indegenous ministry.


A new extension of creating spaces for youth to experience the life-changing love of Jesus is through Haven, where kids in foster care get to have a week up at Camp on the Boulder.

Saved People Serve People

At Faith Chapel, we are spiritual contributors, not spiritual consumers. Jesus calls us to serve others around us.

Through our local and global partners, and by creating environments inside the walls of the church where people can encounter Jesus, you demonstrated the love of God in tangible ways.

People on Teams Serving Others

Found People Find People

Our love and compassion for others isn’t confined to the walls of Faith Chapel. As we continue to grow as a church, we are consistently seeking opportunities to be the hands, feet, and mouthpiece of Jesus in our community and around the world.

By inviting others to Christmas and Easter services, asking others to join your small groups, and creating environments for people to experience the love of Jesus, you have continued to show the love of God to our communities, neighborhoods, coworker, families, and friends.

Christmas In-Person Attendance
Christmas Online Connections
Decisions to Follow Jesus

Life is better together

"I am a different person because of the people I get to journey with through small groups. I have found that I need to be a part of small groups of committed and authentic people that I can walk through life with. I need a safe place to ask hard questions and show my true face – the hurts, joys, the doubt. I need safe people who can grieve with me and celebrate with me. I need people to pray with, to be encouraged by, and challenged by. I believe God has created each of us to need the intimate connection with other people for our souls to thrive. Maybe it’s your time to find people to partner with you in learning how to trust God and others."

Jennifer Phillips | Small Groups Pastor

Overall Camp Attendance
Nights at Camp on the Boulder
Camp on the Boulder Volunteers

Camp on the Boulder

Summer Camps and retreats continue to be one of the most fun and important things we do all summer at Faith Chapel. Camp on the Boulder has been a place where God continues to meet people right where they are in life-changing ways. Thank you for continuing to give your time and resources and for partnering in prayer.

We Grow Better Together

God created us to live in community with others and to build relationships that help us grow as we go through all seasons of life. Being in a group of people that shares one another’s burdens, celebrates together, and walks alongside each other is key to healthy community.

People in Small Groups

God Is Generous So We Are Too

We believe that God set the example for us by giving everything, so we can continue to trust Him with everything. Thank you for continuing to be a reflection of Jesus with your posture of giving your time, finances, and abilities. Your continued generosity and faithfulness have been the catalyst for continued response to needs locally and globally.

Missionaries Sent in 2022
Hours Given to Local
and Global Missions
Invested in Local
and Global Missions Efforts
Increase Christmas

This year was the 10th Anniversary of Increase Christmas. We continue to ask the question, “What would it look like to increase the meaning of Christmas for those in our community and around the world?” Your response is an example of what God can do through those that love and trust Him and is changing lives locally and around the world.

Throughout the year, we’ll be sharing updates on how Increase Christmas continues to change lives.

Total Given to
Increase Christmas in 2022
Total Given Over 10 Years
Looking Forward
A Letter from Pastor Nate

2022 & Beyond

We are filled with hope, excitement, and anticipation regarding 2023 and beyond simply because we know that Jesus is going to build His Church. We make disciples, Jesus builds the church. Here are a few areas we are especially excited about.

Camp on the Boulder

Camp on the Boulder has, and continues to be, an environment for people of all ages and backgrounds to come experience Jesus. In the coming year we will: 

  • Host six youth and kids camps, a foster child camp, a Native American Camp and a Missions Camp, among many others. 
  • Open up the Story House - an environment where small groups can get away to experience focused time together.
Outside the Walls of the Church

Our desire is to be a local church that has a global impact. The Lord has opened doors on a unique emphasis on reaching the MENACA (Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia) region. This is the frontier of Missions. There are millions of people who live in this part of the world who have never had a chance to hear who Jesus is. As a church, we are committed to sending our best workers, praying our most passionate prayers and giving generously to see this part of the world encounter Jesus. 

Disciple Making—Jesus asked us to go and make disciples of every nation. We are striving to go beyond making converts. We are focused on introducing people to Jesus, seeing lives transformed by Jesus, and to be on mission with Jesus.

Thank You!

for being the hands, feet, and mouthpiece of Jesus.