We intentionally disciple people at Faith toward developing God's loving and evangelistic heart for the world by giving of their time, talents, and treasures. We are invested in foreign endeavors through prayer, through financial giving and by going to locations with ministry teams, so as to see people influenced for and won to Christ around the globe. Email us at bandb@faithchapel.cc with any questions.

Haiti (Spring 2014)

Overview: Haiti has been a dream of B&B for several years now and things are starting to come together!  We are sending a medical/ministry team in the spring of 2014 to provide medical assistance to rural communities that have no access to doctors or medication.  Many Haitian are still displaced from the earthquake in 2010 and face new obstacles in infection and medical needs. If you are in the medical profession and interested, please contact us! 

  • Trip Closed! 

Seattle-area Foursquare Trip (Spring 2014)

Overview: Last year we began a friendship and partnership with Hub-City Foursquare Church in Burlington, Washington.  Our father-son team was able to join hands with Pastor Jake Poetzl in helping with renovation and construction projects.  Hub-City is a growing church and so appreciative of the help our team was able to bring.  In 2014, we plan to send an even bigger team, helping the church to continue to make room for its growing congregation! 

  • Dates: April 25-May 3 
  • Cost: $100 + Food Expenses
  • Project: Church Construction & Renovation
  • Host: Hub-City Church (Pastor Jake Poetzl)
  • Location: Burlington, Washington

Guatemala (Summer of 2014)

Overview: We are in the process of beginning a partnership with Food for Hungry, adopting two communities by the name of Pexla Grande and Antiqou Xonca.  We are focused on bringing wholistic care(Food/Drink/Shelter/Spiritual Growth/Relationships) to these communities by providing child sponsorship in these villages. 

  • Dates: July 26-August 6
  • Cost: $2000-2200
  • Project: We will be helping lay pipe from a water well 7KM from our village in Antguo Xonca to the community, faciliate vacation bible study, & home visits with sponsor children.  
  • Host: Food for the Hungry
  • Location: Guatemala

To support a Guatemalan child in one of our communities, click HERE!

Philippines (September 2014)

Overview: Faith Chapel has been partnering with IDEA in the Philippines for over 10 years.  In that time, we have watched as the Lord has taken care of thousands of deaf children through the IDEA organization led by Dennis Drake.  Recently, 900 kids on the island were fitted for hearing aids, many able to hear and speak for the first time in their lives.  In that time, we have also seen three Foursquare churches built as well as housing for many Philippino's. 

Late fall of 2013, a 7.2 Earthquake hit our friends in the Philippines causing hundreds of thousands in damage and loss of life around many of the main islands we visit.  In response, we have already sent one team in November of 2013 and plan to send an addition team in spring of 2014.  Please contact us if you are interested in helping. 

If interested in sponsoring a deaf child through IDEA, click here!

  • Dates: August 30-September 13
  • Cost: $2600-$3200
  • Project: Disaster Relief and Building Projects
  • Host: Dennis Drake and IDEA
  • Location: Bohol, Philippines

Ethiopia (Fall of 2014)

Overview: We have been actively partnered with New Hope Orphanage outside of Ambo, Ethiopia for 5+ years now. Over 40 children stay at the orphanage and many more from the surrounding community attend school there. Faith Chapel teams have helped with improvements including a protective fence, a library, a bathhouse and a water well for the surrounding community. The 40 plus children that stay on campus are supported through our sponsorship program.

Several years back, Faith Chapel began a relationship with a local foursquare church in the Ambo area.  We were blessed to be able to construct a new church for Pastor Kena that helped double the seating capacity of the church.  Our hope is to continue relationship with Pastor Kena as well as begin relationships with other Foursquare churches in the area.  We currently support a group of four area evangelists as well.

To help support an Ethiopian orphan from New Hope, click here!

  • Dates: October 4-October 18
  • Cost: Projected $2600-3200
  • Project:  Building/Construction projects at New Hope, Build relationships with Guder Foursquare Church
  • Host: New Hope Orphanage 
  • Location: Guder, Ethiopia 

Belize (February 2015)

Overview: January of 2013 we sent our first team to Belize.  During the trip, our Faith Chapel team worked on light construction projects along with school projects.  It was a great trip, and so we are excited to look to send a team in the winter of 2015.  Trip is open for all adults and families.   

  • Dates: February 21-March 4
  • Cost: $2000-2200
  • Project: Belize Foursquare Church Projects
  • Host: Pastor Caleb
  • Location: Belize City, Belize

Disaster Relief Team

 The B&B team and key volunteers have begun formal FEMA training as they take steps in the process of becoming recognized as a lead in disaster relief situations in our community and around the United States.  The team is completing the requirements for certification training and will look to put together a local disaster response team.  More information will becoming.

  • Training: NIMS 100 Training
  • Focus: Training class to help understand goverment and civic structures during disaster relief.
  • Date: March 6
  • Time: 6PM-9PM
  • Location: Fire Station at 2309 N 9th Avenue 


  • Training: Solar Storm Training
  • Focus: To prepare for any situation where communication goes down in the Billings area. 
  • Date: March 29
  • Time: 9am- 12
  • Location: Faith Chapel: Room 510 


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