Philippines (November 2013)

Overview: Faith Chapel has been partnering with IDEA in the Philippines for over 10 years.  In that time, we have watched as the Lord has taken care of thousands of deaf children through the IDEA organization led by Dennis Drake.  Recently, 900 kids on the island were fitted for hearing aids, many able to hear and speak for the first time in their lives.  In that time, we have also seen three Foursquare churches built as well as housing for many Philippino's. 

If interested in sponsoring a deaf child through IDEA, click here!


Overview: We are in the process of beginning a partnership with Food for Hungry, adopting two communities by the name of Pexla Grande and Antiqou Xonca.  We are focused on bringing wholistic care(Food/Drink/Shelter/Spiritual Growth/Relationships) to these communities by providing child sponsorship in these villages.

To support a Guatemalan child in one of our communities, click HERE!


Overview: We have been actively partnered with New Hope Orphanage outside of Ambo, Ethiopia for 5+ years now. Over 40 children stay at the orphanage and many more from the surrounding community attend school there. Faith Chapel teams have helped with improvements including a protective fence, a library, a bathhouse and a water well for the surrounding community. The 40 plus children that stay on campus are supported through our sponsorship program.

Several years back, Faith Chapel began a relationship with a local foursquare church in the Ambo area.  We were blessed to be able to construct a new church for Pastor Kena that helped double the seating capacity of the church.  Our hope is to continue relationship with Pastor Kena as well as begin relationships with other Foursquare churches in the area.  We currently support a group of four area evangelists as well.

To help support an Ethiopian orphan from New Hope, click here!