Chapter 1
Faith Chapel is part of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. Pioneering pastors Stan and Ginger Simmons arrived in 1977. At their first meeting there were thirteen people present - with a hunger for God and a need for authentic community. From the beginning we committed to keep our eyes on Jesus, follow His lead, and focus on extending God’s love to those around us.

Chapter 2
In 1987, five Sunday services had far exceeded the capacity of our building on Lynn Avenue. In that season of prayer and a desire to be faithful in the next step, the Lord provided our current property at 517 Shiloh Road. On September 6, 1987 we had our first service in the "new" building. The sanctuary we met in for eight years is now where our grade-school kids meet on the weekend and is known as the Warehouse.

Chapter 3
Easter of 1995 marked another pivital point in the life of our congregation. In the midst of continued growth, the decision was made to build an entirely new sanctuary connected to the original 517 building. God truly has used it as a house of salvation. We can't help but rejoice with the many who have come into relationship with Christ and obeyed His call to be baptized in water.

Chapter 4
On August 2, 2008, chapter 4 in the life of the congregation of Faith Chapel began. We moved into our current worship center to make room for more people and facilitate the cultural shift in our approach to ministry. Recognizing a need to make use of multi-media, drama, dance, and other creative arts to reach more people for Christ, we set about designing what would come to be seen as a performing arts center rather than a traditional sanctuary.

From the beginning of our current building project our prayer has been, "Lord, do this in a way that people would see the great things You have done and give You the praise." We are a church that spans generations, inclusive of everyone regardless of ethnic, religious or economic background. As we continue in our discovery of how to influence people for Christ, we remain steadfast in our commitment to the study of God's Word and a passionate, devoted love for Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Chapter 5
On March 16, 2013, Pastor Stan passed the baton of leadership to Pastor Nate. A significant page was turned in the life of Faith. During weekend services, Pastor Nate encouraged us with words from Matthew 16:18 where Jesus declares,
“…I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.”  It is Jesus who builds the Church and the Church is His. Jesus is at the epicenter of Faith Chapel. He is working to write new chapters to add to those He has already written over the last three decades. The lead pastor changed but the Shepherd, Author and Builder of the church remains the same.

For decades, Faith Chapel has existed as a community of Christ-followers here in Billings. Literally thousands of lives have been changed as we have endeavored to remember that, “Eternity is at Stake” in every gathering and conversation. We are excited about the days ahead. Let’s see what Jesus does with His church!