God created us to be in relationship with Him. Adam and Eve were the first people to enjoy a close, personal relationship with God. A break came in this relationship when Adam and Eve chose to do life their way instead of God’s way.

Sin. This act of rebellion and independence, of wanting control of their lives, was a disobedient refusal to trust God’s good intentions for them.

The result of that break in relationship haunts mankind to this day; sin separates unholy people from God who is holy. The break broke God’s heart. It changed how people could relate to Him. Simply put: sin and holiness cannot live together in the same place.

Wanting my own way
"I call the shots here!-No one else. Not even You, God. Especially not You, God"

That way of thinking and living separates us from God; it’s a relationship-killer! No wonder the relationship-loving God hates sin!

The solution for this break in relationship came in the form of a sacrifice –

A holy sacrifice -



God’s Son, Jesus Christ –

Completely holy

Dying for the unholy - all of mankind

Jesus’ death on the cross provided the complete forgiveness necessary to reestablish relationship with God. This is called redemption – buying back what belonged to God in the first place. We belonged to God in the beginning; He created us for relationship with Him.

God went to extreme lengths to buy us back, to redeem us, to provide forgiveness, to reestablish relationship: He had His Son die in our place, paying the debt we owed. Sin is a big deal; it’s a deal-breaker. It destroys the possibility for relationship with God. With sin comes the requirement of a payment. 

Jesus stepped in and substituted Himself, offering His holy life as payment for our unholy lives. Each person gets to decide if he wants to take Jesus’ offer of forgiveness; no one forces this offer on us. Jesus makes the offer: 

Why Jesus could be the sacrifice:
...God’s Son
...Completely holy, no sin
...Born of a virgin, without a tie to human sin
...Never wanted to be His own boss; only wanted to do His Father’s will 

If we don’t take Jesus up on His offer to pay for our sin, we will pay by staying separated from God forever. That will be a costly decision.


But God lets us choose. 

If you want this forgiveness and relationship with God, you can have it....................................

How to take God up on His offer of forgiveness and restored relationship with Him forever:

  • Admit to God that you are a sinner in need of His forgiveness. Confess that sin, that your wrong choices and actions, separate you from Him.
  • Tell God you want to change, that you are repenting (changing your heart and mind; repentance is a change of direction) of doing life on your own where you live like you are the boss, not God.
  • Ask God to forgive you and thank Jesus for dying on the cross so you can be forgiven and have a relationship with God.
  • Tell God that you want Him to be your Lord from now on.
  • God hears you. He freely gives you forgiveness and life with Him forever.

............You can have confidence in your salvation.


 If you really meant what you said about wanting Jesus to forgive you and asking Him to be your Lord, you are forgiven and now belong to God.


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