Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is camp?
BMCR is located in Fishtail, Montana, about an hour and a half away from Billings.  If you are interested in finding out more about the camp check out BMCR's website here.

How can I get my child registered for camp?
You can register either online or stop by the Welcome Center and sign up.  There will also be registrations for the specific age groups in their classrooms in the Spring. You can also sign up online on the kid’s page or the middle school page.

Can I pay for camp in increments?
NO, camp must be paid in full at the time of registration.

How do I know that I am registered for camp?
If you register online you will receive a confirmation email.

Is there a cancellation fee? 
Yes, $35.00

What are the ages of kids that can attend each camp?
KIDS’ Camp is all students entering grades 3rd, 4th & 5th Detour is for students entering grades 6th, 7th & 8th.

Can my child choose who they are in a cabin with at camp?
Yes, when they sign up they can write down roommate requests. We do our best to put these students together at camp.

Are campers allowed to use phones at camp?
NO, students are asked to turn in all electronics at the beginning of the week and will get them back on the last day of camp.

How can I get a hold of my camper in case of an emergency?
In case of an emergency you can call Faith Chapel at 406-656-8780 and they will get a hold of the camp director who will call you back immediately.

Can I send mail to my child up at camp?
YES, you can find the address for BMCR on the camp registration form.

My camper has food allergies or is on diet restrictions, can they still attend camp?
YES, when you register them please let us know of any allergies or diet restrictions.  BMCR is great about working around food allergies and diet restrictions.

Can I send medication to camp along with my child?
YES, when you register your child list all medications and when they need to be taken. When your child shows up on Monday for camp our camp nurse will collect all medications and keep them secure during the week. The camp nurse will make sure your child get their medication when it needs to be taken.

I am interested in volunteering, how do I apply?
You can stop by the Welcome Center and pick up an application.

Are background checks required for all volunteers?
Background checks are required for all staff 18 years and older.

Can my child bring extra money to camp?
Kids Camp: We ask you not to send your child with any money. They are not allowed to spend personal money at BMCR.
DETOUR: If the students would like to take advantage of the candy cabin then they will need some extra money.

What can I bring to camp?
There is a things to bring list that is on the registration form.

What does camp registration look like?
 Kids Camp registration will begin at 12:30pm at the South Atrium doors of Faith Chapel. You and your child will be taken through a number of stations to make sure that everything is ready and taken care of. Your child will end at the Warehouse where they will all load on the busses at 1:00pm and leave for BMCR at 1:30pm.

Detour registration will begin at 8:00am at the South Atrium doors of Faith Chapel. After going through the stations, kids will load on the buses at 8:30 and depart by 9:00am.

What are the camp registration deadlines?
Kids Camp:  Early Registration Deadline: May 18 ($235) | Assistance Request Deadline: May 18 | Late Registration Deadline: June 1 ($300)

Middle School Camp:  Early Registration Deadline: June 29 ($235) | Assistance Request Deadline: June 29 | Late Registration Deadline: July 13 ($300)

Can I take or pick up my camper from camp?
No, though there may be a few exceptions. You must contact the ministry leader for more details.

How can I get a hold of my camper in case of an emergency?
Please call Faith Chapel 406-656-8780. We will contact BMCR.

When does the bus return on Friday?
 Kids' camp - the buses will return to Faith Chapel at the North East parking lot by the Middle School building at 12:30pm.

Detour camp - the buses will return to Faith Chapel at the North East parking lot by the Middle School building at 5:15pm.

How do I get lost items returned from camp?
There will be lost and found tables set up in the Warehouse and middle school building the week after camp.

Can I give to a camp assistance fund?
Yes you can. Please contact Lisa Thornson at or 406-655-1773. You can also turn in camp assistance donations at the welcome center, be sure to write Camp Assistance in the memo of your check.