Next Group Link March 22/23

Group Link
The primary way to get connected into a group is through Group Link Weekends. These events occur directly after the weekend services in the Atrium on 2 specified weekends throughout the year. (Fall and Winter)

Find a Group
During each weekend service, resources and staff are available at the Welcome Center to help answer questions for congregants interested in faithGROUPS.  This is available every weekend of the year! 

Another major source for connecting people into groups is through word of mouth. We will encourage group leaders and members to look into their own lives and find relationships that already exist.

Lead a Group

Choosing a Group
We allow leaders the ability to define their group style. We encourage you to look for a group that fits your unique circumstances.  Look for location, similar stages of life, or the focus of the group that fits you the best.  Then try it for a while - if it isn't a fit for you, don't give up, try a different one until you find the right group.

For more information contact Ryan Gomendi at 656-8780.